What’s Different About The Intelligentsia Agency.I’ve been asked before, what made me start- of all things- a speakers and consultants agency? It’s a long story…it really is.

What I will share here, is that this won’t be my last endeavor, and quite frankly-  it had a lot to do with my beliefs about human potential, my own potential/intellectual capacity, and what I perceived to be a need in the professional speaking and consulting industry for improvement, perspective, and more circumspect and logical vetting. Why?

Professional speakers and consultants impact industry, and industry impacts economies. Companies and organizations are only as competitive and ultimately solvent, as the information, inspiration, and motivation that they provide their staff with.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.” (Smile.)

***What is different about our agency is the fact that we don’t merely recommend speakers and/or consultants using subjective opinion based recommendations, only. ***

Each and every time that someone at my agency interacts with a speaker or consultant for example, we pick up a scorecard and rate them in 18 different categories that are relevant to you, the meeting and event planners that we serve. Our speakers and consultants are vetted on an ongoing basis, in other words.

We want to ensure excellence. We want to ensure that you really are getting the best speaker or consultant for your event. We also want to ensure that you have the appropriate data to back up your selection. A hypothesis has and never will be, a plain old guess. A hypothesis is an educated guess. Last but not least, ongoing evaluation ensures that the current scoring is always an accurate reflection of the speaker or trainer, in terms of their performance capabilities NOW, versus what it may have been in the past.

Each member of our team participates in this. The reason is simple. Audiences aren’t comprised of one person. Audiences are diverse in demographic, opinion, perspective, etc.  Let’s say for example, that one of the categories that we rate speakers and consultants in is: ATTITUDE.  If a speaker or consultant is unnecessarily rude to anyone on my team, that choice is reflected in their scoring for that particular instance. With that said, we are also balanced in our approach. Everyone has a bad day. Therefore we won’t simply give you the score the speaker or consultant received for that day or interaction. Instead we provide you with what their average score is in that particular category, over a span of time and tenure with our agency. Why? That’s far more accurate.

In addition to the aforementioned vetting, we are constantly taking notes and making observations. We are literally, your eyes and ears! We want to ensure that you get an accurate snapshot of who it is that you’re booking, and our scoring system is always tracking with the speakers and consultants that we work with.

You can count on us for:

educational, topic/subject matter based information. Depending on what the topic or subject matter is that you need someone to speak or teach on, we consider it our duty to ensure that the information being shared is up to par with recent, established developments in a given subject or industry. 

quantitative data, using our intensive and ongoing 18 category vetting system

qualitative feedback. This part is subjective and more fluid, observation, and idea based.

– All of the above culminate into our ability to give you: professional insight into how a specific speaker and their specialty can deliver RESULTS to your organization.

This gives our meeting and event planner clients a:

360 degree view of the professional speaking or consulting talent that we recommend for their events.

So you see, we don’t merely check references and go to hear speakers and consultants, speak and teach– anyone can do that. We work with those speakers who habitually aim to be known for excellence, quality, engagement, and experiential learning. Our agency wants to help you create events that are experiences, rather then mere get togethers.

Your meeting and/or event deserves the very best, and the very best doesn’t include:

unprofessionalism/rudeness, or
-canned/ out of date subject matter teachings, or
-poor platform skills.

Call us or email us to find the right speaker or consultant for your next event! We are here to help, and serve. Intelligence matters!