Last year, I did a lot of critical thinking, planning, and preparation work for the rebranding of my original speakers bureau.

You see, when you have the faith, determination, and grit necessary to build something of value, – not only will you refuse to ‘fail,‘ but you will take the time to figure out and understand how to do it properly.

(For the record, I don’t actually and personally believe in failure as a finite construct. For that reason I don’t like the word ‘failure’ when it is used as a conclusive description. Someone brilliant once said “Failure is feedback,” and I wholeheartedly agree.)

(I don’t believe in failure at all, actually.)

(I believe that we human beings are more brilliant than we will ever admit, realize, or accept about others and ourselves,  and I believe that the world around us and our environments are always giving us feedback and opportunities to learn, which is really what any sort of ‘failure’ is. I dare assert that ‘failure,‘ is actually an emotional and mental state of being.

(When we begin internally succeeding the endeavors we put our hands to, tend to succeed and grow alongside us.)

Getting back to…Publicity :

Publicity is something that is useful to any company or organization, if and when implemented properly and at the right time, by a skilled professional.

Last year I did my research and solidified plans to have former journalist and CEO Jackie Kotei and her team at Jackie Kotei International ( pitch us to various media outlets. I was careful to first ensure that we had a strong foundation as an agency, in terms of being established. We have worked long and hard to establish ourselves.

The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc., has some BIG plans in the works and we are now ready for the world to know that we are here, and excited about assisting company’s and organizations around the world as both their strategic partner, and ‘insurance policy,’ of sorts when it comes to their professional speaker and consultant needs and selections.

I am certainly a bit nervous, but being nervous and facing our fears and taking the limits off our lives, is something that I strongly believe in.

Stay tuned to find out why! 🙂