Meeting and event planners have what many would consider to be, one of the most stressful jobs on the planet! You don’t need the added stress of having to sift through all kinds of marketing material, and then having to somehow determine if the speaker you select is in fact ‘professional.’ Your meeting or event is not only a big deal, but selecting the wrong speaker could have negative repercussions, that impact both your career and your attendees.

We want to ease your stress by not only providing up to date, relevant information and insight into the highly vetted and analyzed professional speakers and consultants that we stake our reputation on, but we would also love to treat a winner of our in house quarterly drawing to a treat like a gift card, or theater tickets, or maybe even a spa massage. Can you say “Relax, relate, release!?”

Note: (The specific prize that our quarterly winner will receive depends totally on what part of the world they live in.)

Enter your name and email address for an opportunity to win. Our team will hold a drawing once per quarter!

The newsletter will be chock full of useful information re: professional speakers, consultants, panel moderators, entertainers, celebrities, speaker showcase events being held in the future, who has been added to our invite-only roster, and all the other exciting happenings at our agency! How exciting! Oh, and we promise to never share or sell your contact information to any 3rd party. Your trust is too invaluable to us to risk losing.

If you see someone in our newsletter that you would like more information on, or like to book, just give us a call at: 1.833.777.7993 or 703.661.9898 or email: