I tried my hand at designing because it meant something to me to be able to give something more than bookings to those professional speakers and consultants that we have identified as modern-day members of The Intelligentsia. I have a theory. “It is better to give than to receive.” I have never designed anything before in my life.  The fact that I really believe in my brand, and what I’m trying to do with it, was a part of the fuel that allowed me to weather the ups and downs that have come with finding a printer that was willing to print the t-shirts and print them for a fair price. It was amazing to me to discover that most printers would not print the t-shirt. Why? The original t-shirt design as pictured below has a gold-rimmed neck, sleeves, and bottom. I didn’t know that in t-shirt world- such kinds of printing are considered out of the ordinary. We contacted at least 30 different printers before finding one that would be willing to print the t-shirts. After receiving tons of no’s I did what I do best: I remained determined to accomplish my goal. Oi vei.

It’s wonderful that we celebrate those in the arts and sports who we consider celebrities. There is indeed such a thing as ‘star power.’ We admire our fellow humans who can do things that we cannot. With that said, I also believe that we should celebrate, honor, and esteem those who have such intellectual capability and capacity and expertise that they readily and daily impact the world’s industries. Intelligence is manifold in my opinion. There is intellectual or academic intelligence. There is emotional intelligence. There is spiritual intelligence.

Here’s the front of the t-shirt:

The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc. T-Shirt

Here’s the back of the t-shirt:

The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc. T-Shirt

Some speakers will wear the shirt. Some won’t. It matters not. What matters is that I, as the leader of The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc. do my part to do what’s not only good, and right, but what is best.

To give us feedback on the design of the t-shirt, please feel free to email: candacec@theintelligentsia.co