The Genius Forum

I am humbled & honored to announce the following:

The Intelligentsia Agency has been selected to be the strategic Bureau partner choice for an absolutely amazing event taking place in Tysons Corner Virginia on November 14 2019 called: “The Genius Forum.”

I not only love the name of this burgeoning event series… I am also excited and really looking forward to helping the main stakeholder with this event in as many aspects as I can. Here’s why:

The concept behind the event’s creation is in part what has me so excited. I have particularly connected at the heart level to this event. My and the stakeholder’s desire is for this event to be a major experience that won’t soon be forgotten by the attendees.

The Genius Forum is literally the passion project of an entrepreneur who was frustrated by not only the format that he was seeing at most conferences but also frustrated in the sense that he felt like was hearing the same things spoken about over and over again. (There was a cognitive dissonance thing going on.)  Like most entrepreneurs instead of continuing to feel dissatisfied- he decided to do something about it and created this forum which clearly reveals his passion for ideas and thinking and potentiality and people.

This client wants very much so to leave a personal and professional legacy in the earth. This is a labor of love for him really. After having gotten to know this individual for the past several months I believe I understand why and therefore count it an honor to help bring this event to fruition in whatever way I can. It’s an event that is coming from his heart i.e. a ‘soul baby.’ It’s an event that is focused on helping others give birth to and nurture ideas that have the potential to change the world. In that regard it’s potentially about a lot of people’s legacies. I really am honored therefore to get to help with this event particularly because I don’t believe in coincidences. Every event that I get to help with whether its speaker/consultant selection or more- I feel to a degree has been entrusted to my care. I want to do a great job and give an incomparable client experience.

Imagine 300+ attendees ranging from C-Suite executives to stay at home moms coming to a central location to hear and learn from 14 different speakers on different topics regarding the evolutionary process of an idea.’

Imagine one main speaker talking for about twenty mins max and then taking the rest of the allotted time available to pour into the attendees via Q&A about THEIR ideas and how THEIR ideas are worthy and viable enough to affect change in the world.

Its a ‘conference’ meets ‘laboratory.’ Can you say: “genius!” haha lol (drumroll) (Ok… maybe that was corny.)

All I have to say is: “Watch out” “TED X” and “TED TALKS.”  This event is slated to go national.…as in having one of these events in as many states as possible.

GENIUS” is in the house!