“Can’t wait to work with The Intelligentsia Agency in the future. Had a great preliminary experience with Candace. Extremely friendly, efficient, and went above and beyond in our search for a speaker.”

Linda H., Meeting Planner, USA

“I have known many speakers agents in my work with Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis as her Personal Assistant for 25 years and in my own speaking career. That said, Candace Carson is a standout among them. She sincerely cares about her speakers and clients. She demonstrates a strong attention to seemingly small details that mean a great deal to both speakers and clients, Candace knows that in a world dependent on technology and virtual communication, this is still a business about people and relationships.”

Bonnie K., Professional Speaker & Consultant

“I have had the opportunity to attend many conferences that featured speakers. Some experiences were great and the speakers helped maintain and sometimes even lift the energy of the audience. Unfortunately, I’ve seen speakers do the exact opposite as well. One of the conferences I attended had a speaker that the Intelligentsia Agency brokers for and they were excellent. The speaker provided the energy and motivation that was fitting to the theme of our conference. We left the auditorium energized and continued to talk about how great he was days and even months afterwards. To know that there is an organization that will help match a speaker to your program- and consistently evaluate their message, their conduct, and overall interaction to ensure you are only getting the best experience, is definitely an organization worth working with. I have already referred The Intelligentsia to several clients that are responsible for planning conferences and special events and I will continue to do so.”

Christine J., Director of Business Transient, Sheraton Tysons Hotel

“I met Candace, the Founder  about four years ago via an internet connection, and quickly recognized her drive and motivation to “make things happen”. Candace’s personality, skills and experience were exhibited through her position as CEO and Founder of Lily of the Valley, Inc., her original speakers agency.  Candace’s desire to improve life for women in particular through her talents is extraordinary. Her vision and business acumen are superior, as are her managerial and networking skills. I highly recommend Candace.”

Marsha R., Construction Administrative Professional/Office Manager at MK Development & Investment LLC

“The Intelligentsia Agency is the agency to work with! Not only is Candace and the team dedicated and professional, they work with true purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend this agency to other professional speakers. Certain individuals possess a certain passion and commitment to excellence, and Candace Carson personifies these qualities in everything she does professionally. I consider her to be among the ultra-elite when it comes to delivering remarkable client service experience. her dedication to helping clients is relentless. It is with whole-hearted enthusiasm that I strongly recommend working with The Intelligentsia Agency”.

Jeff K., Professional Speaker & Consultant

“The Intelligentsia Agency cares about people. I highly recommend this agency to any organization, association, or company that regularly puts on meetings.”

Carla R., Business Owner

“The founder Candace G. Carson is a sharp, tenacious businesswoman who embodies drive AND compassion. I was hired to revamp copy for an email blast on behalf of The Intelligentsia Agency over the summer and the team was a dream to work with! Afterward, I was invited to join The Intelligentsia Agency roster as a Consultant/Speaker and within 4 months was booked for an incredible speaking opportunity! Candace is straightforward, supportive and supremely professional. I have no doubt she will make a huge impact within the Speaker Industry.”

Keasha Lee I., Content Strategist, Copywriter, Marketing Manager and Speaker Striking Statements, LLC

“The founder Candace G. Carson is that rare combination of burning passion, excellent capability and total integrity which makes her an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. She is totally committed to the success of those she works with and for, and tirelessly pursues desired results. Very few know the speaking business as well, or as intimately. Candace receives my highest recommendation and If you get the chance to work with her, do not hesitate to take it, because she will exceed your expectations.”

Gordon T., Inc. Magazine as one of the Top 100 Leadership and Managements Experts and Speakers

“In the end, the project was a success and I asked Candace if she would be my mentor. I knew from day one that she was “a force to be reckoned with”. Her business expertise and general knowledge were combined with a caring yet professional courtesy to see success in herself and in others. I could see that I had a lot to learn from her and her teachings have assisted in my development as a more professional, business savvy entrepreneur. I was beside myself when she accepted and exceeded my standards of mentorship. Since then, we have worked on several other projects together and I know that she is going to change the world. I am grateful to Candace and her willingness to share her wisdom with others. She truly has an eye for potential and believes in making the world a better place one project at a time. When in a tight spot or a dilemma, she has the clarity and inner strength to see it through and resolves it with tactical application of her resources. When it comes to the bottom line, Candace will get it done and is fearless in overcoming obstacles. If no one else can, Candace can.”

Bianca B., Speaker Relations Manager