Project Description

Yuri Kruman

Yuri Kruman

Fortune 500 Personal Development Consultant, CEO Of Master The Talk

Speaking Style: Engaging, Actionable, Informational, Authentic

Travels From: New York

Fee Schedule: 2

Yuri has been a public speaker since his high school graduation. He has spoken on a wide variety of business and personal development topics. He has been honored to train and address a wide variety of top professionals through the years, including Fortune 500 executives and CEOs of VC-backed companies, thousands of Millennial high performers, plus college and graduate students, among others.

With a breadth and depth of experience in 5 separate industries, including academia (neuroscience), law, finance, tech and coaching/consulting, Yuri brings no-nonsense, hands-on leadership and business experience to everything he does. From consulting Fortune 500 corporations to working in the startup trenches to teaching in the classroom, Yuri has had the chance to teach and learn from thousands of the best and brightest leaders around the world. His current focus is consulting, speaking and writing.

Yuri and his family live Brooklyn, New York. Outside of his client work, Yuri is an obsessive reader of many disciplines and greatly enjoy writing (both non-fiction and fiction) and has published two novels and a series of poems, among others.

  • Increasing Employee Engagement and Decreasing Turnover
  • Delivering an Employee Experience that Delights Millennials
  • Developing and Implementing a Winning HR/People/Culture Strategy
  • Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Mindset to Skyrocket Engagement and Profits
  • Revamping Your Digital Marketing to Transform Your Brand and Revenue
  • Winning the War for Millennial Talent
  • Future-proofing Your Company’s Workforce and HR Planning
  • Increasing Retention and Engagement for Millennials and Gen Z’s with an Effective Benefits Strategy
  • Creating A Compelling Brand-Story Strategy
  • Leading Through Change In The Digital Economy
  • Training Your Gen X and Boomer Executives to Work Effectively with Millennials and Gen Zs
  • How to Find and Bottle Your Brand’s “Special Sauce” to Create Brand Ambassadors from Employees and Customers
  • What Millennials Really Want From Work and Life (Business Expert Press, 2019)
  • Mastering The Talk to Master Your Life (2018)
  • The Muse
  • 2020 Startups
  • General Assembly
  • Forbes
  • Huff Post
  • Inc.
  • Mashable
  • Yahoo
  • PBS
  • BBC
  • Fast Company
  • Time Magazine
  • Money Magazine
  • Bustle
  • Thrive Global
  • The Conscious Millionaire
  • Penn University
  • Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs
  • Columbia University
  • BizDev in Tech
  • Consumer Goods
  • Adobe

“On behalf of all of us from 2020 Startups we want to thank you for the incredible workshop you conducted on June 7th! Our cohort has given us rave reviews regarding your speaking engagement as expounded on intricate details on Growth Hacking and customer-centric strategies. We welcome you anytime at 2020 Startups and thank you for your wisdom shared.”Mark Gold, Managing Director, 2020 Startups

“Yuri gave a PR Hacking workshop at our 2020 startups Incubator. He taught us how to navigate PR and marketing for startups. His experience and insight into attaining press was exceptional, valuable, and appropriate for any business. He is a wonderful speaker with an authentic disposition and engages at a core level with his clients. His ideas for achieving brand integrity through marketing are integral to the principles of a company and their values. I recommend him highly.”Alice Chun, CEO of Solight Design

“Thank you again for joining us yesterday. I found your talk inspiring and I left with many notes on ideas, practical tools and advice that I will apply to our startup.”Tomer Joshua, CEO of Tourli

“Yuri, seriously. I mean this 100%. Tonight’s class was the most valuable event that I have attended at this program. There was a mountain of gold information, and these are notes I will be referring too! Thank you thank you thank you! I am stoked to use your information, and I am hoping to pay you for your services… lol… I would like to talk about a possibility of getting published, but we are really building steam. I am thankful for what you have given me already. It. Was. Gold.”John E. Schweiter Jr., Founder of Serfpad®

“Thanks you for your excellent PR hacking workshop. Real tactical advise that is immediately applicable. It shows that you walk the talk.”Bonny Morlak, CEO of Tiltsta