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Jeff Krantz

Jeff Krantz

The Sales & Customer Service Authority & Executive Coach

Speaking Style: Passionate, Knowledgeable, Insightful, Practical

Travels From: New York

Fee Schedule: 1

Jeff Krantz is a dynamic speaker who equips financial institutions to experience profitable growth. As an award­-Winning Sales Trainer & Executive Coach, his professional journey began by building a thriving wealth management practice from the ground-up as an Advisor with Citibank.

Jeff pursued his passion for people-development and went on to lead the learning and development team as Director of Training with HSBC Bank. He has published a number of best selling books and now speaks and consults for financial organizations ranging from community banks and credit unions to Fortune 500 multi-national institutions.

Jeff is truly passionate about training and coaching others to succeed. Whether consulting with a Fortune 100 organization to grow sales or working one on one with a coaching client, he feels most alive when he gets to be an integral part of helping people achieve their dreams.

While his professional journey has taken him from London to Los Angeles, and from Texas to Tokyo, his favorite destination is always the next city where he can connect with people who are eager to fulfill their purpose in life.

Others often say that what makes Jeff unique from all other consultants and trainers is the deep partnership that he forms with my clients. This dynamic collaboration is the secret ingredient that consistently produces the most remarkable results.

As an industry veteran, Jeff empowers financial organizations to achieve their desired results.

7 Keys to Profitable Bank Growth
Jeff Krantz reveals the 7 Keys which drive profitable growth for banks and credit unions. Attendees benefit by learning how to increase profitable client traffic to the branches and improve banker cross sell ratios. Jeff also highlights the critical role that technology plays in the appointment setting process and the productivity of the branch staff.

Developing High Performance Sales Cultures
Every organization wants to increase revenue and profit but the branch staff doesn’t want to come across to clients as being too “salesy”. Jeff Krantz highlights the methods that enable bankers to cross sell more without pushing products on their clients.

EDGE® Selling System for Banks
Jeff Krantz, designer of the EDGE® Selling System reveals the (4) critical components a banker must execute in every sales conversation. The EDGE® System empowers banks and credit unions to drive more qualified client traffic into the branches and conduct holistic sales conversations. The results are improved cross-sell ratios and a remarkable client service experience.

EDGE® System for Delivering Remarkable Customer Service
Delivering remarkable service is not only they key driver of client loyalty, it is also the most profitable strategy for every thriving financial institution. Jeff Krantz reveals his EDGE® Customer Service System which is designed specifically for retail banks and credit unions. The EDGE® System delivers extraordinary results: improved client loyalty and referrals plus increased trust and confidence.

Increasing Core Deposits, Net Interest Margins, Loan Portfolios and Banker Cross-Sell Ratios
Banks and credit unions alike seek to maximize their profitability. Banking expert, Jeff Krantz reveals proven strategies to increase core deposits and net interest margins by selling value over price. Jeff highlights practical concepts that bankers can immediately apply to improve cross-selling ratios and increase the organization’s loan portfoli

Your EDGE®
Success in every area of life is determined by how well you exploit your EDGE®. Fulfilling your purpose begins by understanding where your passions and talents collide. Your EDGE® is an adventurous tour through the four milestones which enable you to Engage, Discover, Guide and Execute your highest purpose in business, life and relationships.

ROCKSTAR Success Principles
Everyone wants to be a Rockstar. Top Performers employ the principles which drive success. This keynote reveals the three success principles that enable peak performance and will propel you to the top of the charts.

Treat ‘em Like a ROCKSTAR
The secret of a happy life is using our talent to serve others. We can make the world a better place by sharing our gift as we happily serve. This keynote stirs the heart and enlightens the mind to employ the profitable principles of truly exceptional customer service.

  • Treat ‘Em Like A Rockstar
  • Sales Rockstar
  • Edge
  • Executive Coaching
  • Citi
  • Chase
  • Aflac
  • Wells Fargo
  • ProNexus
  • BBCN Bank
  • TD
  • Sefar
  • Patriot Towers
  • RBC
  • M&T Bank
  • HSBC
  • Rosewell Park
  • First Niagra
  • Patriot Towers

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff and have witnessed Jeff’s outstanding integrity shine through in all that he does. His consistent, positive attitude and impeccable ability to motivate others is second to none! Jeff’s superior facilitation, coaching, consulting and design skills are a direct result of his relentless dedication and passion for excellence. Jeff’s undeniable success in Sales is deeply rooted in his vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Needless to say, Jeff is a true, dynamic, sales professional gifted on multiple levels.”Richard BonGiovanni, Experienced Facilitator and Training Delivery Manager

“Jeff Krantz led a training for the account managers at Sefar last year. He helped create our CHAMPS program, which is a targeted outreach to bring in new business. He is very knowledgeable about the best ways to make an impact whether by phone, email or Linked In. I have followed his recommendations and have had good success bringing in new business.”Susan Engelhart Woodhouse, Outbound Telephone Sales Representative at Sefar

“I highly recommend working with Jeff in any capacity for a number of reasons. It has been my privilege to be the recipient of both Jeff’s mentorship & executive coaching. I also am privileged to be his Director of Client Services. In a nutshell, I have learned a lot from Jeff professionally and in other regards. What struck me about Jeff when I originally came into contact with him was his warm, yet professional style of interacting. We all encounter people in business settings, who seem to be a bit awkward when it comes to balancing professionalism w/ authentic camaraderie. Jeff has such an integral style of interacting, that it would make the most stoic person comfortable. His approach in communication is very easygoing, yet professionally direct and always above board.

I was also struck by Jeff’s devotion to his family. As a woman executive, that made me feel very comfortable. Jeff has such integrity about his actions, & interactions. It makes me feel very comfortable looking up to him as both my executive coach, mentor, and supervisor. Last but not least, Jeff’s knowledge base, professional creative capacity, and skill set speak for themselves, especially within the context of the banking industry. He has created and continues to create programs that bring ease and understanding to the clients that utilize and implement them.”Candace Carson, SVP OF CLIENT PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT

“As a facilitator, manager, friend, and now writer – Jeff is one of the most motivating people, manager, friends, and mentors that I am privileged and honored to have as part of my life. His books “Sales Rockstar” and “Treat ‘Em Like a Rockstar” go to the essence of what a company and a person is looking for in customer service and sales excellence. The “Rockstar” analogy is spot-on and would be helpful within any profession to adopt Jeff’s methodology.” Keith Wharton, Manager – Mortgage/Trainer & Content Developer / LMS Administrator / Adult Learning Facilitator / Theatre Artist

“Jeff came into our company to train our sales team on the EDGE sales model. Jeff offers a unique approach to his sessions using a mix of great enthusiasm keeping myself fully engaged throughout the training. Jeff does this by constantly incorporating personal sales attributes and creating a brand image for each sales person. I have attended several sales trainings in the past and was highly impressed with Jeff’s approach. I would recommend his training sessions to anyone that is looking to take their sales focus to the next level.”Joseph Beale, MBA, Account Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

“Jeff’s expertise in sales training has helped me to successfully manage my territory and build customer relationships. Jeff took the time to work with our department and provided us with new strategies for business development.”Jenna Morkisz, Territory Account Manager- Team Lead at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

“Jeff came to my company and provided a sales training session for my department. The training provided incredible techniques for maximizing every conversation with our clients. Jeff also prepared a long term solution for our department to stay consistent in our sales goals. I would recommend Jeff’s service to anyone looking to improve their sales force and maximize every opportunity.”Jacob Smith, Territory Account Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.

“I have been through several corporate training seminars and courses throughout my career. Typically when you hear corporate training as a sales representative you think of a long course where nothing pertains to your specific business and you learn some effective skills. With Jeff Krantz the training is tailored to your business and is primarily hands on. It allow the sales representatives to reflect on areas in which they need to improve and he also enables programs to help generate business. Along with a superior training program Jeff is very approachable and open to new ideas on concepts.” Stephanie Sorrentino, Cloud Sales Specialist at Ingram Micro

“As a marketer, I recently attended one of Jeff’s sales training programs. I was amazed at how much I learned in just a day and a half! Jeff has great insight in to current trends and what is happening in today’s business world. I have already begun to look at product marketing in a new light and have tried to incorporate some of his suggestions and ideas. I anticipate great results!”Whitney (Falkowski) D’Amico, MBA, Assistant Marketing Manager at Rich Products Corporation

“I recently attended a sales training with Jeff. I have attended many different sales training programs over the years but the training I received with Jeff was very organized, detailed and mainly relevant. Jeff’s targeted approach to sales training is more interactive, conversational and thus more engaging.”Joe Forster, Account Director at Accredo – An Express Scripts Company

“Working with Jeff was an absolute pleasure as he has a fantastic way of relating the Edge Sales Process to an individual’s selling and relationship style. He continually reminded me to focus on my strengths, minimize my weaknesses and to push myself just a little bit more for success!”Scott Harper, Territory Sales Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

“Jeff is an accomplished professional sales trainer and coach. Although I spent only three days training with Jeff, I came to know him as an extremely competent and skilled advisor with abundant life knowledge and experience. His method of information delivery is natural and compelling. I’ve attended many sales trainings and Jeff’s is by far the very best. I look forward to working with him in the future.” Charles Keller, Top Revenue Generator in Digital Dental and CAD/CAM Capital Equipment Sales

“I have attended several multi-day professional sales development workshops in my 25 year career but Jeff’s EDGE sales training was the most impactful. Jeff has an uncanny ability to take complex concepts and boil them down to simple to understand, easily digestible “bite sized” pieces with a straight forward action plan to ensure these great ideas and processes get put to use growing your sales and strengthening your client relationships.

Jeff is one of the very best facilitators and presenters I have encountered in my career, I highly recommend him for advanced sales training, leadership development, and Team building; he is a consummate professional.” Frank Manfre, Business Coach and Consultant Leadership & Team Building

“Working with Jeff has been a pleasure. I know the work I do will make a difference because of the hard work and dedication Jeff applies to his books and training materials. Jeff Krantz has an innovative vision that he communicates clearly and effectively—that’s a leader worth learning from.”Johnathan Cunningham, Senior Learning Designer

“It is my pleasure to recommend the training,coaching and consulting services of Jeff Krantz you. During the past several years, our firm has worked directly with Jeff, on numerous consulting and training projects. His company offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with his work.”Roger Schapiro, Insurance Specialist

“I have worked with Jeff in two different seminars as an attendee. His knowledge and enthusiasm are excellent and just what we needed for our management team.”Brandon Larkin, Regional Sales Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

“Jeff gave a great presentation to our management leadership team regarding customer service excellence. Jeff is professional, on-point and informative. His strategies are timely and actionable. Thanks Jeff for all the great information!” Deborah Kassirer, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Internal Audit and Advisory Services Manager: CPA, CIA, CRMA, CGMA, CICA, CCSA

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