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Maja Kazazic

Motivational Speaker

Speaking Style: Inspirational, Passionate

Travels From: Florida

Fee Schedule: 1,2

Originally from former Yugoslavia, Maja’s home was destroyed by genocide that killed 250,000 people and injured millions. When she was only 16 years old, while sitting with 5 of her friends a rocket propelled grenade exploded killing all 5 of her friends. Maja was severely injured. This event set off decades long journey filled with obstacles Maja had to face daily. From having her leg amputated without anesthesia and surviving without food or running water to re-learning how to walk and run and learning English by watching TV. And even though she left her home without her parents to get medical treatment, with only a teddy bear, t-shirt and rock, Maja was able to build a new life.

She finished high school and college, and eventually started a very successful software company whose regular clients were Fortune 500 companies. The systems, strategies, and innovative action plans she developed have helped companies significantly increase profitability and productivity. As a sought-after speaker and media spokesperson, she brings her expertise in motivating team members, raising revenues, and breaking through barriers and debilitating mindsets to the topics and tools she delivers to organizations worldwide.

PERSPECTIVE – Positivity in the face of adversity

It’s easy to stay positive when everything is going well…..when you have a nice cushion of money, work seems to be going well, and life at home is easy. But, how do you stay positive when your entire life seems to be falling apart?

How do you stay positive when you feel like you are about to blow under pressure – – at work, at home – relationship problems, employee problems, money problems…. the world seems to be falling apart and getting worse by the day…When everyone is counting on you — at work and at home…. meanwhile, you are overwhelmed, and it feels like it’s just too much.

Despite what we may see on Facebook profiles, all how much money we have — depression, anxiety, negativity and even suicide is rampant. With Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain news of suicide — people who supposedly had it all — we realize that it’s very difficult to stay positive when our world is seemingly falling apart. When people like Kate, Anthony who have resources and access to the entire world succumb to the pressures, how are we simple folks supposed to make it?

Well, living through genocide as a teenager, getting injured while watching your friends die, losing your leg to infection, having your flesh cut off daily to keep you alive…. all these reasons are to crumble…. but not for Maja. She not only didn’t crumble and survive but she thrived by learning how to stay positive no matter what the situation is.

In this keynote, Maja will share her story and teach your attendees how to stay positive, regardless of their surroundings. She will take hard-earned lessons that allowed her to thrive in seemingly impossible circumstances. Your attendees will leave inspired, motivated, and most importantly, changed. Knowing how to find positivity no matter what!


  • Master the 7 building blocks to Empower…You.
  • Build support system that works
  • Shift mindset to view change, challenges, and obstacles as opportunity
  • Unleash the power and potential within you, your team, and organization
  • Get the results you never thought possible

OBSTACLES – Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles. Challenges. Murphy’s law. They are just all a part of our lives. One thing that we can count on, no matter what we are doing…whether it’s raising a child, working, running a company, or just trying to live our life, we can count on coming across obstacles. And sadly, during this time is when most people give up. It becomes overwhelming. It becomes too much. And the more obstacles we face, the harder it seems to move forward and overcome them. This puts us in a state where we just don’t want to do anything. It’s safer to stay still and not rock the boat. Not move forward, because if we stay still, maybe we can avoid facing challenges and obstacles.

But life has a way of working out that – no matter what – we end up facing them. So, we better be prepared.

And who better to get you ready for any obstacle and challenge than a genocide survivor! Having lived through genocide, while surrounded by two armies, without any food, water, electricity, or outside contact, Maja learned how to survive. And after getting injured and losing her leg Maja had a whole new list of obstacles to contend with. From having to re-learn how to walk again, having over 100 surgeries, figuring out how to bring her parents to USA. Even though when Maja left Bosnia she only had 3 things in her possession — t-shirt she was wearing, rock (a memento from home), and a teddy bear she used for pain. Maja found a way finish college and start her own company.

Needless to say – with everything she did Maja faced multitude of challenges and obstacles. But not only was she able to overcome those challenges, she strived. When she started her company, within one month she landed her first client, a $150,000 yearly retainer. Even though she had to re-learn how to walk and run, she ran a 5K marathon, plays gold, tennis, racquetball and windsurfs.

In this keynote Maja will take lessons she learned on how to overcome obstacles and use them to your advantage and share them with your attendees. Each person will leave breathless, inspired and ready to take on the world putting out their best foot forward.


  • Shift mindset to view change, challenges, and obstacles as opportunity
  • Unleash the power and potential within you, your team, and organization • Get the results you never thought possible
  • Turn change and challenges into opportunities
  • Eliminate obstacles
  • Turn fear into focus
  • Unleash the power and potential within you, your team, and organization

INNOVATION – Innovation and Technology

In order for us to go beyond basic survival and reach our full potential we must make innovation a vital part of our culture and daily lives – both at work and at home. It’s no longer enough just to get the job done. Innovation and technology go hand in hand together and literally change the world on almost too frequent basis.

Why and how does innovation and technology affect our daily lives? Well, let Maja share her story and how it has affected her life. After losing her leg and sustaining major injures and escaping death multiple times – Maja had her sights set on not only walking without a limp but running and playing sports. Living life and feeling normal – not being defined by her prosthetic leg, braces, and other obstacles.

In this keynote presentation Maja will share with your attendees her road to recovery and how innovation and technology changed her world. It may have taken her 15 years and swimming with a special dolphin — who is also missing her tail — to develop technology that would change both of their lives. Maja will share a story of her friends Winter the dolphin and their journey to a prosthetic that, after 15 years, allowed Maja to run pain free. She will also share a story of her amputee Great Dane Rosie. Rosie is also benefiting from innovation and technology because even though she is only 3 years old, Rosie has had over 17 prosthetic legs. Each time they learn new things and improve it not just for Rosie, but for all humans and animals around the globe.


  • Shift mindset to view change, challenges, and obstacles as opportunity
  • Unleash the power and potential within you, your team, and organization
  • Get the results you never thought possible
  • Turn change and challenges into opportunities
  • Eliminate obstacles
  • Turn fear into focus
  • National Association of Professional Women
  • YMCA
  • American Business Women’s Association
  • Network of Executive Women
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Discovery
  • NBC

“Maja is not only great at speaking but she is also a wonderful listener when it comes to preparing to speak to your group. She took the time to really understand my group and the message I wanted her to emphasize with them while telling her story. Her story was very down-to-earth, touching, and encouraging. I personally walked away with an inspirational message as well as a set of tools to follow in my own path to success.”Jessie Schneider, ABWA

“Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your willingness to join us for this special event. Your work to inspire people around the world is truly admirable. You should be very proud of all you have accomplished. Keep up the good work and know that we appreciate all that you do.”Mike Fasano, Florida State Senator

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