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Connie Dieken

Connie Dieken

Chief Executive Advisor; Founder of Influence 360; Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Speaking Style: Influential, Interactive, Engaging, Entertaining

Travels From: Ohio

Fee Schedule: 3, 4

Connie Dieken is the founder of The Dieken Group—an executive coaching and consulting firm that specializes in influential leadership and presence in the spotlight.

She’s also the founder of Influence 360°, an assessment that measures an individual’s personal influence pattern and guides them on how to influence in even the toughest conditions.

Connie developed her unique skills during twenty years as a TV journalist for ABC and NBC. She received five Emmy Awards®, two Telly Awards® and was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame®.

She’s also a top-selling author. Both her books, Talk Less, Say More and Become the Real Deal, hit #1 on the Amazon bestseller list. The audio version of Talk Less, Say More, narrated by Connie, also reached #1 on Audible’s bestseller list.

A renowned keynote speaker, Connie has delivered speeches on four continents to audiences in the thousands. She talks about how to develop leadership influence and presence that lasts.

Influence that Lasts
This program is deeply substantive, highly interactive and entertaining. As the talk unfolds, your audience will discover:

  • The three habits we can all use to influence others
  • Why most of us overuse one habit, much to our detriment
  • Ways to balance our habits, so we become true influencers
  • How to influence even the most difficult people, like narcissists and the highly anxious
  • A simple, consistent methodology to use in both our business and personal lives

This program is based on Connie’s bestseller, Talk Less, Say More

Leading in the Spotlight
In this program, Connie shares what every senior executive must know to thrive as a high-profile leader. Senior leaders will discover how to:

  • Earn and sustain trust in a world that craves authenticity, yet demands perfection
  • Influence multiple stakeholders – each of whom interpret the same messages in different ways – to reduce resistance, improve clarity and earn commitment
  • Own their leadership presence and align it with the organization’s strategies and values
  • Ensure their teams are equipped to make sound decisions

This program is based on Connie’s bestseller, Become the Real Deal

Present to Win
This groundbreaking program is a master class on how to influence audiences with integrity, so they willingly take action.  Your audience will discover:

  • Identify your ideal outcome
  • Pinpoint how your audience makes decisions that align with your ideal outcome
  • Simplify those messages without dumbing them down
  • Uncover your audience’s root causes of resistance so friction doesn’t cause setbacks

Determine knowledge gaps that can get in the way of decision-making.

  • Talk Less, Say More
  • Become the Real Deal
  • eBay
  • Dr  Pepper
  • Swagelok
  • Cleveland  Clinic
  • HP
  • GE
  • Eaton  ++

“Connie did a wonderful job with our group. Our team was thrilled and she is a model of what she teaches so effectively. Connie is a professional with an ability to share her expertise and convey tools in a non-intimidating way. We are pleased to be associated with her.” –  L.S., Director of HR, Sterling Jewelers

“Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and passion with SME. You were on point with your message and delivery. It was a delight to see a real pro in such natural command on the platform.”P.S., Sales & Marketing Executives Organization

“Connie exceeded our expectations – she connected with our team and her presentation was on point. She hit a grand slam! Connie Connected, Conveyed and Convinced our sales consultants with her personalized presentation today. She was amazing!”T.B., VP of Sales, Reinhart Food Service

“Connie was phenomenal. Thank you for sharing some wonderful thoughts and actionable items! I have put them into place and truly see a difference!”B.F., Acute Care Team Sales, Abbot

“Connie’s work with our team has improved performance. She has the ability to roll up her sleeves and work with such energy that it makes it fun for everyone. Her techniques are tremendous and both original and practical. Our team has gotten powerful results. Connie is the antidote to cookie-cutter programs.”B.R., Manager, Sales Organization Development, Moen, Inc.

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