Thank You For Your Interest In Representation

Thank you for your interest in joining the roster family of The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc!

We at The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc. truly value YOU, the professional speaker and/or professional consultants. Professional speakers and consultants inspire, motivate, train, and otherwise have a direct impact on industries around the world, and thus the economy. We value your significance, and the fact that you have paid your dues to be able to have a career that allows you to speak into the lives and careers of others.

We Are An Invitation-Only Agency

While we admire, and respect those who are courageous enough to get up and speak in front of audiences worldwide, we are an INVITATION-ONLY agency.

We are committed to providing our clients with the very best in highly vetted speakers and consultants.  Our goal is to be the go-to agency for stories that must be told, and cutting-edge information that must be shared.

Our clients depend on us to make speaker resource recommendations that are not just qualitative but excellent. We want to surpass our clients expectations-period. We can only do that by being highly selective. For these reasons, receiving unsolicited speaker marketing material creates more of a distraction than an efficient avenue for talent scouting and recruitment. You see, we know exactly what we’re looking for, when on the hunt for professional speakers and consultants.

Merit Based Access Only

When scouting talent, we employ an original rating system that scores prospective speakers and consultants on everything from professional appearance to diction and pronunciation of words, quality and datedness of content, platform presence and skills and even entertainment value.  We also make observations on how you interact with our team, upon first interaction, style of delivery, personality, our staff. Of course, we check references!

We take our relationships with our clients extremely seriously and therefore, allowing speakers access to our clients is a privilege that is earned by way of merit only.

We do not for example, believe in allowing professional speakers to ‘give us,’ an initial deal to close, or other incentives as a way of beginning a professional business relationship with us, despite the fact that many other agencies do.

Reviewing Unsolicited Marketing Materials

Review of your marketing materials does not guarantee that you will be selected to join our roster. We have high standards across the board, and we select speakers based on them minimally meeting, and hopefully exceeding those standards.

In order to review your unsolicited marketing material, we require that you remit a 200.00 application fee, that should be sent to our offices in the form of a check or money order, accompanied by a completed website form. The purpose of the website form is to ensure that should we select you to join our roster of talent, all of your information is uploaded to our website immediately and accurately.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

The Management

To download our speaker website info form, click here: Info_Website Requirements Form

To download a list of required marketing materials, click here: Required Marketing Materials

To mail your website form, application fee, and marketing materials, send them to:

The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc.
Attn: Ms. Bianca Brown
Speaker Relations Manager
1751 Pinnacle Drive #600
McLean, VA 22102

To email your website form, and marketing materials, email them to: You may send your check or money order for 200.00 to the office address listed above.

We humbly ask that prospective speakers refrain from calling the office during business hours to check on the status of your effort to join our roster. We reserve office hours as designated time to give our full-attention to revenue generating activity, serving the needs of our clients.

If we conclude that you are, not just good but a GREAT fit for our brand and agency, we will definitely be in touch!