Gerald DuBose

Gerald DuBose

Gerald DuBose is a gifted visionary on a mission to change how the world perceives beauty. A Washington D.C. native, Gerald’s childhood was dedicated to creativity. He began writing poetry at six-years-old, developing a genuine passion for overlooked beauty. This passion has followed Gerald through his pursuits as a writer, former athlete, fragrance artist, performer, and entrepreneur.

For the past two decades, Gerald has advised several multi-million dollar businesses and helped leaders, innovators and visionaries understand, strategize, and communicate their ideas to the world. Gerald was previously the Marketing Director at Long Fence and Home as well as NRS.

As the COO and Co-Founder of New Wealth Order, Gerald seeks to change the landscape of wealth, happiness and fulfillment for the masses. His recent book “The Formula 4 Success” shares insight and actionable concepts on how you can achieve success in your life.

What is the job of a Director of Marketing?

GD: As a Director of Marketing, you are responsible for creating and overseeing the outgoing brand communications for a business’s services and/or products. In less fancy verbiage, marketing directors are responsible for creating interest and awareness in a product or service.

You and one of your business partners recently presented at The Tyson’s Regional Chamber of Commerce, where you shared your journey to creating the present business that you oversee: “The New Wealth Order.” Tell us about the company.

GD: The New Wealth Order was created out of the belief that human capability is limitless but capacity is key. We work with entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries on helping them communicate their ideas more effectively to the world. The New Wealth Order does this through professional development training and business coaching.

What kinds of workshops does your team provide for corporate clients, and how do the workshops impact their bottom line?

GD: We provide workshops on:

1. Storyselling: How to use strategic narrative to inspire your team and clients to become brand advocates.

2. Irresistible Sales Conversations: Creating engaging dialogue that transforms the sales process

3. Excelling Leadership: Creating a culture of leadership, loyalty, and excellence.

Most of our training clients see a minimum 25% increase in revenue within a 12-month period after our training, in addition to a huge spike in employee engagement.