Let’s Work Intelligently

STEP 1: Discovery Call

We are here to help! Call us on our toll-free number anywhere from the US or Canada at: 1.833.777.7993 or if you are in Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia call: 703.661.9898. One of our friendly and experienced program consultants will immediately be available to greet you, and LISTEN to your meeting, event, or organizational needs.

We will ask a few identifying questions to make the discovery process as thorough and excavating as possible and proceed to help you find the right professional speaker, consultant, host, panel moderator, emcee, entertainer, or whatever kind of presenter you need!

If it’s more convenient for you to do this via email, we welcome hearing you from that way as well. Email your inquiry or specific speaker request to: info@theintelligentsia.co

STEP 2: Intelligent Consulting Is Our Specialty

We scout talent and work with all kinds of professional speakers, consultants, and more, so anything that you could think of to ask us, we welcome. Our specialty is all things speakers and consultants, and even entertainment. Our ears are to the ground and are eyes are everywhere. Consulting with us is a complimentary service to you and your organization. When you book a speaker or consultant through our service-based business, our fee is directly deducted from that speaker or consultants fee. Therefore, there is no additional charge to you for seeking our professional guidance and expertise. We encourage you to lean on us to get your questions and concerns answered.

STEP 3: Your Intelligent Options List

Once we are crystal clear on your meeting and event needs, and all the other things that will indirectly impact that meeting or event, we will then provide you with a proposal or options list of speaker resources and consultants to choose from. We are completely objective and unbiased as to which speaker or consultant you select.

Our job is to provide you with options to choose from, so that YOU can make a pro-active choice by selecting the best person for the job! If you aren’t satisfied with the initial options list that we provide, no problem. We will then provide you with another one, and another one until YOU are completely satisfied and content with your selection.

Last but not least, if there is a specific speaker, consultant or entertainer that you know that you want already, we are more than happy to reach out to them on your behalf. We have relationships not only with professional speakers, consultants, celebrities, and entertainers around the world but also with other speaker bureaus and agencies. Even if you don’t see someone specific on our website, 9 times out of 10, we would be able to get that person into negotiating talks on your behalf.

STEP 4: Intelligent Negotiations

We are skilled negotiators. It’s what we do, all day, every day. We are passionate about negotiating contracts that create the win/win dynamic. Our focus and loyalty are to you our client, and we also believe in being fair to the professional speakers and consultants that we are privileged to work with. Each speaker and consultant that we work with knows up front that we are always going to negotiate on behalf of the client.  The possibilities are limitless! We don’t just negotiate fees, we negotiate anything that our clients need us to negotiate. Sometimes that would be the content, and sometimes we are the middle man for conversations that you just are not comfortable having with a speaker.

STEP 5: Surety Of Agreement: The Intelligent Contract

We believe in integrity and trust, period. If it were up to our Founder all of our agreements would be based on us simply giving our word and keeping it. Yet, we live in the modern world, and contractual agreements are instead utilized.

Our contracts are clear and simple. We don’t want to make doing business more difficult. We want to make it easier. We are very clear on our position. We are here to serve. We are also willing to use your organizations contracts.

Simply put, everything that we agreed to either in conversation or during negotiations gets officially agreed to, once we all sign on the dotted line.

STEP 6: Intelligent Arrangements

Logistics, logistics, logistics! Travel arrangements and expenses related to your speaker, consultant, or entertainer of choice are what we handle next. Many speakers these days prefer to make their own travel arrangements, but we are still willing to do that on your and their behalf as well.

STEP 7: An Intelligent Event Briefing

We are not just going to book your event, and then leave it to chance- or leave you biting your nails-or throw the speaker to the wolves, we promise!  With plenty of time to spare, (usually a number of weeks), a representative from The Intelligentsia Agency, Inc. will schedule a call between you and your team, the professional speaker or consultant, and our team. This is a quality control call, as much as it is a briefing or update.

During this call, we are going to give you and your speaker/consultant the opportunity to meet & greet, cover everything and anything that needs to be addressed or double checked on before the actual engagement, so that all hearts and minds are clear!

STEP 8: The Event or Meeting

We understand how nerve wracking it can be for our meeting & event planners, come Event day. You’ve worked hard to make sure that all your ducks are in a row, and yet you’re still nervous because you realize that some of your success is dependent upon other people doing their jobs well, and that includes the speaker, consultant or entertainer that you’ve contracted through us. Do not despair! Intelligentsia is here! Have questions or concerns? Call us. You and your contracted speaker and consultant will be given an “Event Sheet,” which will contain all of the necessary data and intelligence needed by both parties leading up to the event, during, and after. Enjoy your day meeting planner! You deserve to.

STEP 9: Intelligent Relating…

Our desire is to continue our relationship with you. We spend 8 hours per day and sometimes many more, working on events like yours. For us, we don’t just want to book a speaker and then never speak to you or your team again. We’re doing our part to build an intelligent community, which involves not just intellectual intelligence, but emotional intelligence as well.

Once your event date has passed, you can expect a member of our team to check in and follow up with you. We want to listen and incorporate your feedback into our business practices when appropriate. We are committed to learning, and continual development.