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Jul23, 2018

How Business People Can Survive and Thrive Through Any Business Setback: The Four-Step Process Of Turning A Setback Into An Amazing Comeback (by Dr. Willie Jolley)

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Dr. Willie Jolley Have you even had a personal setback?  Has your business ever had a setback? The answer to both questions is probably “yes!” Perhaps you had a contract lined up and you were already planning how you were going to spend the money, and they changed [...]

Jul16, 2018

What You’ll Need to Succeed In the Future Work Economy (by Simon T. Bailey)

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Simon T. Bailey 85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate,and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.” - Carnegie Institute of Technology Everyone wants to know what they will need to do to prepare for the future work [...]

Jul2, 2018

Choosing Your “Bookend” Speakers (by Chip Eichelberger)

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Chip Eichelberger Choosing your “bookend” speakers are essential to your meeting success. 4.5 ways to ensure you make a great selection. The open and closing speaker(s) are the cornerstone of your event. Kick-off your event well and there will be a buzz and everyone taking about it! Participants [...]

Jun25, 2018

What Losing My First-Class Seat Taught Me About Delta Air Lines (by Simon T. Bailey)

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Simon T. Bailey Delta Air Lines continues to get it right. Recently, the airline eliminated their check-in process to speed up the time it takes for users to check in (#DeltaCheckIn). It's a detail that will expedite travelers' ability to get to where they are going. Despite the [...]

Jun18, 2018

Reputation Management – Building Your Professional Brand! (by Deborah Thomas-Nininger)

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Deborah Thomas-Nininger People are often surprised by what they hear that has been said behind their backs…! I emphasize as part of my Reputation Management theme, the better one manages their reputation, the less likely such surprises will occur. So what comprises a reputation? I stress it is [...]