Intelligentsia: intellectuals or highly educated people as a group, especially when regarded as possessing culture and political influence.”


Our mission is to inspire, improve, motivate, entertain, and educate the various industries of the world. We do this by directly impacting them and surpassing the expectations of their meeting and event planners via the intelligence available through our professional speakers and consultants.


We envision our agency being the most sought after professional speakers and consultant’s agency in the world, due to being the number one bureau partner choice for global meeting and event planners. Our clients come to us for professional speakers and consultants with cutting edge content.

We go the extra mile to vett professional speakers and consultants, using our original rating system, in addition to ensuring that their content is up to date with progressions that have established in a specified industry when applicable.

Our Intelligent Core Values

Ethics and morality matter, period. Your trust is too invaluable to risk losing. So is our self-respect. We do what’s right, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Old Fashioned Customer Service
We believe in caring for the sake of caring.  Cura Personalis. We are here to serve you from the time we hear your voice on the phone to the date of the engagement. We love developing genuine and enriching relationships with those that we serve.

Active Listening
Excellence in service begins with employing active listening. What you have to say matters and hearing you out re your meeting objectives and needs is crucial to us being able to make the best proposals and recommendations.

It’s not only our duty to stay abreast of current local, national, and world events and developments. We insist on doing that and making sure that our speakers and consultants content consists of cutting edge information, when applicable. In addition to that, we insist on doing everything as intelligently as possible! It only benefits all of us. Whether its finding a way to be more efficient or finding a way to serve you better. We are always on the lookout, for intelligent ways of doing and being.

Our specialty is paying attention to details, congruencies, and intersecting areas in industry and subject matter. Once we take note of that, sometimes it’s beneficial to make a suggestion to a client that may not have been thought of or done before. If we believe there is a better way to think about something, or do something, we may make the suggestion to do so. The world and industry are constantly in flux, and we recognize that it’s our job to keep up.

From the accuracy and quality of the content that speakers present, to the way we answer our phones- we and all who are associated with our brand make the effort to do ALL things with excellence.