2019 Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors AppointmentMy office phone rang. I was on another call. I assumed the caller would leave a voicemail. They didn’t. Instead, they called a second time. This time, I began trying to quickly wrap up the other call while thinking that this time the caller would simply leave a voicemail message. They didn’t. Instead, my office line rang a third time. This time I was able to answer the phone.

On the line was the one and only Mrs. Virginia Case. Virginia is the Chairwoman of  The Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Case was calling to congratulate me….me….me? I admit it: I got choked up.

Virginia was in fact calling to congratulate me on being selected to be appointed to the 2019 Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. You can view the website by clicking here: https://www.tysonschamber.org

I have not yet released my 1st memoir, but it is going to be released soon. Let me just say that it’s moments like these, where I am compelled to thank GOD. There is a certain gratitude that literally grips me from the inside out sometimes, when I reflect on how far I’ve come in my short life, and how many circumstances, and chips I had stacked against me that would persuade anyone paying attention that I should have been a statistic.

All I will say is this:

I humbly assert that there comes a time in EVERYONE’S life, where we must decide and decide once and for all, a few crucial things:

a) What exactly we believe in, and what we do not believe in. What exactly is our worldview? Through what lens do we see the world, and the circumstances and people therein?

b) Whether or not we will choose failure as a permanent dwelling place.

(Failure is a choice, yet failure is not the same thing as giving up.  Sometimes giving up or choosing a different path or route is actually warranted and understandable.)

c) Who we are. Who we are is a continuous work in progress. I personally believe that each of us, despite family background, socioeconomic background, etc. has a right to decide who we want to become.

I hope that when the time comes, you may consider reading my memoir:

The Zeitgeist of Chameleons That Roost

After reading it you may understand why being appointed to a Board of Directors is such a bittersweet moment in time for me. My life started out pretty tragic, and has been at times, pretty tragic- but I choose not to believe that it will end that way. Congratulations to me!